Mo Ismail

Mo Ismail, Also known as Mo Muscles, is an Egyptian-born AmericanActor, Producer, Entrepreneur and Sponsored Athlete.  With a prodigious passion for Film, Music, Entertainment, Health, and Fitness, He has managed to collaborate with some of the Worlds largest stars.


Mo prides himself on being able to demonstrate many natural talents. With a diverse blend of experience in music, movies, and other various segments of the entertainment industry, he has earned a reputation amongst colleagues, viewers, and listeners as someone who brings in new dynamics into broadcasts and remains in-tune with what the public needs and wants.

As an Entrepreneur Mohammed Ismail holds a Business & Mass Communication degree from The American University, and 17 technical certificates from AT&T University. He has had over 15 years of success in the areas of business, new business development, and sales and marketing. From 2005 to 2007 he was area manager for GNC overseeing all retail operations in Northern Virginia. From 2007 to 2012 he worked for AT&T Wireless as a Senior Business Sales Consultant in Washington DC. In 2013 Mo Co-Founded World Peace Design, A sustainable fashion brand aimed to bring World Peace through their merchandise. He later went on to establish his 2nd company SnapCity in 2015, A luxurious headwear manufacturer. In 2016, he founded Mo2, A Consulting, Marketing, Communications & Creative Solutions Firm based in Dubai, UAE. On December 10th, 2018, he launched the #WPInitiative, which is a global initiative aimed to reward those that do good. 

As an MC, Mo Ismail is a multi-talented and charismatic MC based in Dubai, UAE, and is hailed as one of the top MC's and Presenters in the Middle East, with over 13 years experience working with different brands, clients, and corporations based in Dubai, UAE. 


Strong of a gripping and captivating voice, ability to present in English and Arabic, as well as a natural talent for speaking and showmanship, Mo has a natural set of skills and significant experience that allow him to enthrall, engage and inspire people of all walks of life. As one of the most well-respected and versatile MCs in Dubai, Mo is able to cater to any type of events, from corporate conferences to festive gatherings and public events.


Mo's portfolio is full of highlights, including collaborating with many of the stars in the entertainment industry, as well as hosting for major worldwide brands such as Sony, Samsung, Nike, Lenovo and Sprite, just to mention but a few.

As a Fitness Personality, Mo ismail, is hailed by Many as Dubai's Number 1 fitness personality, and will be representing Dubai when he competes in the upcoming Amateur Mr. Olympia Competition this December in San Marino, 2016.


Mo has achieved many fitness milestones in his own journey, and has inspired thousans along the way, he has also won 1st place in the Dubai Physique Championship held in 2014. After having various other achievements and recognition, he now aims for competing in the Amateur Mr. Olympia, and the Arnold Classic in the Physique Division.


Mo, as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist has transformed the lives of many people dealing with fitness, weight and health issues. His vast experience in the fitness and entertainment industry has brought him some attention from the fitness enthusiasts and renowned sponsors such as Fuel Up, Gold's Gym, Swole O' Clock, Sporter.com and Lightwhey, and has conducted hundreds of seminars and talks related to fitness, wellness, and bodybuilding.


With his multitasking and multiple talents of being a fitness enthusiast, actor, producer, and certified rescue scuba diver he has gained popularity over the internet which is evident from his social media following. Apart from contributing to the fitness and entertainment industry, he is also an entrepreneur and founder of the MM Fitness Academy. He is also a registered athlete in the Emirates Bodybuilding Federation (EBBF) and the National Physique Committee (NPC).


“I have always been passionate about Health, Fitness and Bodybuilding and with my work I wish to inspire people to follow a healthy and active lifestyle. I do my best to inspire and help people achieve their desired fitness results”, says Mo in an interview.


His passion for Entertainment, Health and Fitness has led him to this place where he has become a fitness icon to many, and has collaborated with some of the top stars of the Fitness industry and maintained a great reputation among his colleagues, viewers, and listeners.